Want a flawless complexion? Follow these tips.

With the perfect foundation, it's like your favorite jeans: once you've found the right pair, you won’t want to buy any other style. Nevertheless, as the choice is so vast, it is not always easy to find the right one! Here is a brief overview of the latest trends and makeup tips that will help you find the perfect products for your skin.


Ultralight foundation: discreet and subtle

If you like the natural effect, the moisturizing textures of a serum foundation are for you. They create a beautiful nude look that refreshes your complexion with moisturizing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and gives shine with particles of light reflecting powder. The coverage is very light, so the result is even more natural. Just a touch, for a bright and soft complexion.

Light liquid foundation: light and natural coverage

If you want a little more opacity with a very natural finish, it is best to use a light liquid makeup, such as a tinted day cream or a CC cream. They smooth out the skin by correcting small imperfections at the same time letting it radiate naturally – and the freckles twinkle through! For a smooth appearance, liquid foundation is best applied with a brush and a concealer, which hides dark circles or other small imperfections.

The so-called ‘Cushion’ foundations also offer this kind of product. Here you apply the makeup via an integrated cushion that contains the foundation inside, such as a sponge. Gently tap the cushion with the included applicator sponge to release the product. The ‘cushion’ works just as well as a compact powder, making it a great on-the-go companion!

Mattifying Foundation: solid coverage for special occasions

While liquid foundations look wonderfully natural - there are also situations where we feel safer with a little more coverage. For stressful work appointments or long evenings, we prefer to let the professionals take care of our skin. Even oily skin will have a great result with this kind of products. Of course, it is essential to avoid the caked effect: for an impeccably matte complexion, spray your face with a touch of face mist or a makeup-fixing spray after applying a primer. Moisture makes makeup more compatible with skin.

Mineral makeup - good coverage for sensitive skin

If you’re looking for a natural and perfectly covered complexion without clogging the pores and without mask effect, then mineral makeup is for you. This type of product is composed of high-quality minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, and sodium, considered particularly skin-friendly. Mineral powder should be applied with a special brush in circular motions starting from the outside of the face towards the inside. The finely ground powder particles cover evenly and do not settle in fine lines or pores even after several hours. Your skin also benefits from mineral textures, as ingredients such as magnesium and zinc oxide have an anti-inflammatory effect, soothing sensitive skin and tend to blemishes. In addition to that, the active ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide contain a lightweight natural sunscreen, which roughly corresponds to an SPF 4. Not enough sunscreen, but already a good base for sensitive skin which is prone to redness.

So, now, it's time to shine!


Highlighter - the ultimate shine

"Underglow" is the new magic word for radiant skin.

The era of the highlighter is far from over – instead of how we can use it has only multiplied. Now, the trend is to apply it under foundation. This new tip gives a particularly natural effect and works best when we use a creamy highlighter. The principal places to focus on are on top of the cheekbones, below the eyebrows and a small drop on the tip of the nose. If you want a little more glamor in the evening, add a delicate sparkle with a touch of creamy highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes. For pale skin, refreshing rosy tones are perfect. In contrast, the shades of gold and champagne will marry well with an olive complexion and bronze tones with darker skin tones.

Five tips that make makeup last longer:

• Gently exfoliate your skin: for the foundation to blend well, we must first take good care of our skin and regularly apply a light scrub. Because on an even complexion, makeup will stay put.

• Allow time for day creams to soak in: our day cream must penetrate the skin adequately before applying makeup. The idea is to leave at least five, better ten minutes between cream and makeup. Because if the foundation is used too early on the skin still wet, it will not stay on well and may even oxidize.

• Use a primer: small irregularities are more accessible to hide with a light texture-gel primer, which also increases the durability of makeup and prevents products from pouring into the fine lines on your face. Pores will also be refined after using a makeup base.

• The perfect routine: the best way to apply liquid foundation is with a special brush or gently with your fingers. It ensures a soft and natural appearance. It should always be distributed from the center of the face outwards, cheeks to the outer contours for a flawless finish. To correct or mattify any bright areas, a make-up sponge (or silicone applicator) is perfect for applying the product closer to the skin and prolong the durability of the makeup.

• Fix it! The secret of a durable base is to fix it on the skin with a fixing spray or a powder.

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