We still love summer braids.

Some looks come and go, but braids are here to stay. The truth we are obsessed with braids for days and make it our business to track the latest hairstyles to dress our tresses. Here are ten trending styles we have been pursuing on the web and the streets. This excellent round up will surely get you out of any hair rut this summer.

1. The Textured Braid Accents

Via Blog VP Fashion

We are obsessed with texture-on-texture for years. We love these organic tresses because they add natural sex appeal to any wardrobe. Here’s the 411 on how to make this rumpled style your own. 

2. The Festival Knot

If you are like us, you are always looking for the new and the next when it comes to hair. Festival hair just got easier (I know, I did this lovely style). Here are my tips to getting an easy Coachella- Inspired festival knot—perfect for jamming anywhere.

3. The Non Fishtail

The appeal of this fishtail is that it is not a fishtail. That is girl language for, “What is that? I do not know…however, I love it!” Here’s the tutorial on how to get it.

4. The Bubble Braid

Stuck in your little hair bubble? Venture out and have some fun with this uncommon bubbly braid. It works great with extensions or a few clip-ins.

5. The Boho Side Braid

We adore a great side gather, especially when doing our hair. Try this deliciously simple and devilishly sexy boho braid, the best part; it pretty fails proof. 

6. Braided Updo

(Via Once Wed)

 Perfect for a wedding, work or skipping through a forest—whichever comes first, right? Easy to recreate with these fun steps.

7. The Chain Braid

Beloved at NYFW, the chain braid aka rope braid. Easy and sleek, you shall look like you just stepped off the runway. 

8. The Loop Di Loop Braid

If we could only rock one braid this year, this would be IT. The Loop- Di-Loop (AKA Pull Through Braid) is fast, fierce and loads of fun. Turn this into a bun with an editorial edge, or wear as is. 

9. The Braid For A Bob

With all the fashion girls chopping and lobbying, this Braid For A Bob is after my own heart (or should I say hands—I designed it). Try this fishtail flair for shorter hair.

10. The Front Facing Fish Tail

Nothing beats a high pony—especially if it is a front facing, high standing, fishtail. Kind of a mouthful, but all sorts of amazing. This Front Facing Fishtail is designed to make a statement.