5 beautiful Stylish Wedding Elements

There are individual elements in a real wedding to capture your soul honestly. So although every detail of a day of marriage may be beautiful, it is the highlighted few that inspires a bride during the planning stage.

Stylish Element 1: The wedding dress. The back is stunning. 

Photography by Moo Jae of LOVLY STUDIO.

The Groom was kind enough to share his thoughts. 

"After much online research and many weeks of secret lunch trips to New York’s diamond district, I finally found a piece that I felt matched Alyssa’s uniqueness: a vintage Victorian wedding ring, gold band with a fiery pink round-cut stone. It was the kind of ring she had on her radar, so when I came across it, it was an absolute must! Once I secured the ring, the next step was to contact Alyssa’s parents about my plan. We had FaceTime sessions for almost a week straight, and of course, with their blessing, tears of joy, and lots of smiles, the proposal was now in motion!"

Stylish Element 2: The Table Decor: The floral designer really captured our eye. 

Photography by Moo Jae of LOVLY STUDIO.

Alyssa and I already had plans to head to The Bay for Labor Day weekend for her best friend Louis’s wedding, so it was the perfect opportunity to round up her immediate family and closest friends to be a part of the big moment. Of course, with my meaningful oversight, she visited me at work, and I had my email open with the subject, “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” addressed to some of her friends she knew we were not going to see that weekend. Doh! We had a huge laugh about it at my office, but I had been made at that point. I knew she made plans to have a small Sunday brunch with her best friends, so I tried my best to make it seem like it was going down at that time and not at her parents’ place as I had planned to keep some element of surprise.Stylish Element 3: The Cake: Not only is it beautiful but it looks delicious. 

Photography by Moo Jae of LOVLY STUDIO.

It all worked out in the end because she has some amazing friends and family who helped me sell that I spilled the beans and that some of them could not meet up during our short trip back to San Jose. Sunday finally came around, and it was pretty tough to hide anything, so after brunch, we went back to the house and just hung out so I could kill time as everyone made his or her way towards the house.

Stylish Element 4: The location: The view is to die for. 

Photography by Moo Jae of LOVLY STUDIO.

Her mom had been cooking all morning, the house particularly spotless, so I tried my best to play it off like I did not know what was happening. Once I got the wind that everyone arrived and parked next door, I pretended I left my cell phone in the car, went out to it, and headed to the front door, complete with guitar in hand and ring in the pocket. I do not get nervous about performing/singing, but this was one song (our song: Mary J. Blige’s “Everything”) I did not want to mess up!"

Stylish Element 5: The personalization: Adding a photo of the couple on the wine bottle is such a unique touch. 

Photography by Moo Jae of LOVLY STUDIO.


  • Photographer: Lovly Studio
  • Florist: Designs By Ahn
  • Location: Studio 54
  • Brides Dress: Badgley Mischka
  • Groom's Suit: Robbie & Co. / Cole Haan
  • Bridesmaids: Kleinfeld Bridal
  • Groomsmen: Robbie & Co.
  • Makeup: Glam Squad