What are some quick love tips for the 'bride-to-be?'

Love is being you together, being able to be complete opposites and still share so much in common and knowing that your partner will love you unconditionally no matter what.
  • Only buy things you know you will use and not just because it is on sale. When you are booking vendors, look on Yelp/Facebook at their reviews from previous clients. Planning a wedding can be stressful remember to enjoy your engagement as well with fun dates.
  • Secret tip to keep the relationship thriving: Date night is important to set time aside without any wedding talk. Knowing your partner's love language will help you communicate better and express
  • Something every couple should do together:  Find something you both enjoy! My husband loves playing basketball, and I love to go on runs we compromise and go hiking together. It gives us time just to be us without any interruptions while enjoying a great view.
  • Your fiancé may not be as hands-on or as invested as you are in the wedding planning that doesn't mean they will not invest in your marriage. 

Now, relax and enjoy every moment of being a bride to be. Moreover, congratulations on your up and coming wedding. 

Diane ZerwiskyComment