Are you giving off good energy? Find out now.


What kind of energy are we harvesting, harboring, harping on, or emitting into the universe, or onto each other? Is it our best, our worst, or somewhere in between? Do you even care? How are you doing, I mean, not superficially, but deep down inside? Do you feel spiritually clean, whatever that means for you, or how you define it? How is your energy? Also, please, don’t even think about lying to yourself. The thing is, we cannot hide from ourselves, but you already knew that.

Should we expect the best outcomes for ourselves, when our spirit and intentions differ? If we are carrying around negative energy and giving off that vibe, how can we expect some positivity to come to pass? Easy. We just do, but this makes no sense. I am convinced that we are more than words, actions, and physical things; we are energy—unseen but felt like souls, auras, and vibes. Our truth runs free in this form, and no matter how much we try to hide, lie, or push things deep down below skin, it will eventually penetrate and show up in our spirit.

So, might it serve us and others in our experience well to check in on our energy and all of those things that we cannot see, just as much as we are willing to improve all that’s visible on the surface? I say, YES! Yes to internal self-check. Recognize the powerful force that you are beyond words and flesh.