What should I do before I plan my first engagement shoot?

Engagement shoots are getting more extravagant, fun, detailed, personal, intimate and sexy by the minute. Since so many photographers are offering this option, many couples have opted in. When I was planning my wedding, I did not know about engagement shoots. Now it is all the craze.

Spend time looking at what other people have done. Narrow down what you love and what doesn't fit your style. Once you have an idea begin thinking of what you can add to your shoot that makes it unique to you. It will help inspire your shoot. 
Trust me most couples have no idea what they are going to do. Photographers can contribute to pushing that creative spirit. However, I must say relying on your creative spark can make your engagement photos look amazing. 

Narrow down styles and choices. 
Since our inbox fills up with some stunning engagement photos, we wanted to share our favorites. When selecting these photos, we were looking for backgrounds, outfits, poses, nature, food, and more. Things that stood out to us. Think about what you are trying to share with your family and friends. It is adorable just walking, hugging and kissing but you want to give them a little more excitement. So having a unique theme may be the way to go. Try something they may not see from you on a regular basis. 

Check out some of our favorites! 

First up: Kylie & Tommy

We love the outdoorsy look. If you play an instrument incorporate it into your photo shoot. You would be surprised at how many people may not know you had this talent and it would be a nice personal touch for your family and friends. Kylie and Tommy incorporated a blanket, lights, hats, and floral crowns in theirs. This photo shoot is whimsical and romantic.

Next: Amy + Steffon

These are unconventional engagement photos, that is what makes them so interesting. Hop on your bike and ride. It is that simple. It shows that you guys know how to let loose and just enjoy each others company. That is what family and friends want to see. Find an old building with an amazing wall, detailed with bricks and just pose. Also, don't forget the pets, who does not love to see a cute four-legged sweetheart in photos! After all, they need to be accepted in the circle too. Showcasing all the fun things that you and your fiancé do brings that added touch of special.

Photography by Paige Schaberg Photography

And Shawna + Jeremy


Photography by  Origin Photos

Colors are so important and wearing a dress that highlights your completion can make your photos look vibrant and fun. Taking pictures outdoors with nature as your backdrop can bring delightful colors to your photographs. Choosing an area where the flowers are fully bloomed with bright colors naturally enhances the look.

Photography by  Origin Photos

Bottom line, have fun and don't be afraid to try something different.  

Header photo also by Origin Photos