Why do girls with natural hair seem to have more fun?

For some reason when you see a gal with a full head of curly hair they just look like the most fun person to be around.  There's something about a girl with Natural hair and big bold curls. In fact, it is impossible to resist wanting to stroke your fingers through their hair, but that is another story. 

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Although there is a demanding process at times when it comes to styling those beautiful curls, there is a great freedom of letting your strands hang out.  From what we have heard there are no limitations on the style. If the wind blows their hair blows with it, or it does not, however, due to the freedom of the curls it falls right back in place. 

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Even when you see her on the dance floor moving to the latest Beyonce hit her moves appear to be free, and flowing, right? Then not to mention the stares, when you see those big curls it is almost as if she is a celebrity. 

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We do not know about you, but when we see a chick with big hair and natural curls, we want to be their friend and hope they take us on an exciting ride. Next time you see that type of beauty visualize how fun her life may just be. You may want to go all natural just because of that vision.  A word of warning, although it may be tempting make sure you ask permission before you touch. 

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