Why I should never share my lipstick!

We all have that friend or group of friends whom we feel close enough to share everything with, like our clothes and jewelry, so there should be nothing wrong with sharing makeup right?


While eye makeup palettes can are shareable if used with a disposable applicator, sharing products like mascara, eye liner, lipstick, and lip liner is an open invitation for infections to spread from person to person. In fact, sharing makeup is a quick way to spread diseases such as pink eye, herpes, and the common cold. Although it can be hard to say no to a friend dying to try your new hot pink lip gloss, staying healthy is key. A healthier alternative may be to write down the product name so she can get it herself. Not sharing will benefit both parties in the situation, and real friends should respect your decision to stay clear of germs.  

When it comes to bad makeup sharing habits,” Polis says, “the eyes rank as the most dangerous. The most common viral infection of the eye is conjunctivitis, or pinkeye, which is extremely contagious. People don’t always know they’re brewing it.

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Header Photo by Alejandra Higareda on Unsplash