Why some friendships Thrive?

As we age we have a habit of falling into routines; It is our friends that keep us young which allow us to reminisce the good ole' days. When you and your friends can let your hair down and focus on just having a great time it makes all the difference, especially when everyday life throws you lemons. I have always loved the idea of slumber parties. Ever since I was a little girl, some of my most favorite memories have been the ones I have had with my girls at our sleepovers through the years over boxes of pizza, chick flicks, and freshly baked cookies.

"People I know still bring up this photo shoot even though it has been months since we had it, and I know it has inspired many my bride-to-be friends. It was a TON of fun posing and playing around with this photo shoot with my favorite girls.   Moreover, we enjoyed every moment of it (even the feather disaster after-party clean-up when we were all on our hands and knees with a vacuum and broom trying to get every feather out of the house we had rented). This whole photo shoot is something we always talk about fondly and will remember forever. :)"

Photography by Chris Wojdak