You may want to have this sweet job on the side

With the mission to inspire and empower every woman to create her unique recipe for success, the brand lovingly transforms the nourishing super-fruit into delicious cocoa-infused and chocolate products that help manifest surprising moments of joy.  An uplifting community of bold, independent entrepreneurs enjoys the financial backing, expertise, training, sales and marketing support from the world’s largest chocolate company.


The Cocoa Exchange

THE COCOA EXCHANGE™ offers a flexible work option for women (and men, too!) at a time when many are genuinely looking to customize their careers, working when and how they want (digital, social, face-to-face). TCE Curators earn
25% to 40% commission on sales plus bonuses, discounted products, exclusive perks and rewards, once-in-a-lifetime trips and more.

The products sell themselves. Think Milk Chocolate S’mores. Blackberry Chipotle Sauce. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Rounds all in gorgeous, sustainable and giftable packaging. The curated collections include the silky smoothness of Dove Signature, the authentic adventure of Pure Dark and the culinary creativity of Pod & Bean. One taste puts a smile on anyone’s face.
THE COCOA EXCHANGE™ keeps the quality bar high by controlling products from bean to bar and manufacturing in the USA. All products are backed with a “love it” guarantee.

Curators come from all backgrounds, ages, and circumstances. Veteran and novice curators have recounted that
THE COCOA EXCHANGE™ has provided significant income although the inspiration varies for everyone – making ends meet, helping to pay down the mortgage, saving a bit extra each month for the kids’ college fund, taking that special vacation, or simply supplementing the shoe closet.

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Photo Credits: Cocoa Exchange