the best skin care i’ve found. my collaboration with bionatal black seed oil.

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why i love bionatal & i consider them the best for all skin types.

Three key factors that make BioNatal black seed oil unique, special, and different:

Bionatal uses the most potent Nigella Sativa seeds on the planet that come from Ethiopia, which proves to be beneficial for your health, wellness, and skincare.

The coldest press method ever possible has a temperature of 77-84°F that gives you the purest black seed oil free of any burning effect or materials. They use manual temperature control during the extraction process.

They never filter keeping the oil natural. One month after extracting the oil, Bionatal manually separates pure black cumin oil from the sediment (powdered seeds). They then, manually add 5% of powdered seeds into each 16oz container, so their customers get non-filtered black seed oil but with the optimal quantity of sediment in it.


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Black Seed Oil 16oz (GLASS)


Officially! The highest level of Thymoquinone (TQ) - 3.56%

Information about BioNatal natural handmade black seed oil and black seed soap you can read on our page PRODUCTS.

Packing details:

BioNatal uses imported high quality 16oz glass amber bottles.

Their 16oz glass bottle can be shipped only in the USPS Medium Box with additional protection inside the carton, bubble film, and foamed film.

Delivery time is 2-3 days by USPS Priority Mail.


2 Black Seed Soaps

Product Details

Bionatal is a unique product as it has no real analog in the world. The black seed soap is 100% natural handmade product. Besides black seed oil, it contains powdered black seeds.

The main component is agricultural seed (Nigella Sativa seed), and it has no flavor, so it smells like black seeds.

The soap contains powdered black seeds that make it very different. It does not give a creamy foam. Soap perfectly cleans and is suitable for any skin type. The weight of each is 150gr.

Packing & Shipping:

- The soap is sold as a set (2)

- They ship soaps in special USPS bubble-wrap envelope

- USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) used only


Black Seed Mask 4oz

Product Details

Black seed Mask is 100% natural black seed oil sediment. It's a powdered seed with 30% of oil. No additives or any other ingredients

Apply the mask and rinse right away (30 seconds) due to a high concentration level of black seeds. The face mask is beneficial for oily skin.


Ethiopian Black Seeds 2oz

Product Details

Very famous Middle East food spice. BioNatal imports Nigella Sativa seeds of 99% purity after SORTEX cleaning. We complete cleaning of the seeds manually in our lab.

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Black Seed Powder 2oz

A very new product which still should be investigated. Probably, the scope of the product uses will be extensive, but this question has not been studied yet. BioNatal believe that black seed powder can be successfully used as a nutrition for the cosmetics, such as creams and mask.

Black Seed Oil and Natural products for Skin and Haircare.

Made in the USA with the pure Black Seeds from Ethiopia